FTD Pink Blush Rose Bouquet


Order an FTD Blush Rose Bouquet with Same Day Delivery.  When thinking of what to give on Mother’s Day, one first thinks of flowers, right?  This year, I wanted to send something a little different, creative, and even be brave enough to write a poem.  I wanted something where I could touch her in a way she will remember for weeks, maybe months.  But for some of us who are not that expressive or just  seem to never have extra time, flowers seem to be the way to go.  Since I am thousands of miles away from my mother, I can’t think of a better way that will make us feel close this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th.

I was looking on line and found this bouquet that reflects so much of my mother’s personality. I am sure it will say all I wanted and then some.   I might not be there but, she will be smiling when she gets something so thoughtful as her favorite color (which happened to be pale pink just like the picture).

Priced as shown at $42.90Same Day Delivery offered.

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