Italian Duo Wine Gift Basket

Two awesome Italiano red and white wines from Stival, a Rosso Merlot and a Bianco Pinotitalian-duo-gift-basket Grigio, it will make this mother’s day fantastico!!  Not to mention the focaccia, the chocolate bar, the biscotty, or the cookies that may go well with this selection.

Presented in this decorative oval metal basket,  it will leave a long-lasting smile on that special someone’s face.

Stival Merlot is ruby red in color, pleasingly intense to the nose with a dry and slightly tannic flavor.  Try it with light and dark roasted meats and game.

The Pinot Grigio is light straw yellow, with a characteristic bouquet of fruit and acacia blossoms.  It is balanced on the palate with a fresh harmonious flavor.  Ideally paired with herbs and fish-based dishes such as lemon pepper tilapia.

Priced at $59.95, (delivered for any special occasion). Save 5% Now and Order Online.

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